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LINKAR has over 10 years of accumulative experience in the provision of Chinese marketing services. We continue to work with some of Western Australia’s most influential companies and institutions, providing a premium service to a vast variety of clients.


  • Perfect dispatch and fast delivery all year round

  • Logistic and storage provided across China

  • 11 warehouse locations all over China

  • Temperature stable control facility

  • Quality trustworthy

  • 24-hour cctv monitoring

  • Insurance fully covered from Australia to China

  • Best price guarantee 

  • Pre-Paid fees including custom tax etc.

  • Tracking assurance

Wechat blog

Linkar’s Journey
To The West

Linkar’s Journey to the West is an informative blog based on WeChat. The blog writes about the interesting journey of coming from China to Australia. It discusses everything from Perth city tourism hotspots, insights into the wine industry, wine and spirit tasting information and also stories from across WA.

Linkar's Journey to The West Margaret River Wine Tour

Linkar now offer a comfortable one day tour to Margaret River, which includes lunch, dinner, visiting several wineries and several tourism hotspots in the region. 

Taking you on a journey from China to the west!

Recent Event highlights

2019 Direct Sale Workshop In Margaret River

Date: 10th July 2019

Linkar has organised the first Direct Sale Workshop in Margaret River this week. The session  was succeed and look forward to cooperate with more of you!

2019 Alpha Innovation Contest

Date: 5th July 2019

Official conference of 2019 Alpha Innovation Contest was held in ECU, Linkar was invited as one of the sponsors to participate the event.

Alkoomi New Release Tasting

Date: 3rd July 2019

The tasting event went very well, all audience was satisfied with the tastes of the wines from Alkoomi.

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