Linkar Group, a.k.a. LINKAR, is formed from the three branches of Linkar Marketing & Consulting Pty Ltd (LMC) Linkar Wine Pty Ltd (LW) and Information Tracing System Pty Ltd (ITS).

Linkar Marketing & Cconsulting specialises in marketing services, with its main agenda in the Australian-China wine market.

Linkar Wine is a licensed wine-exporting company, aimed to bring WA wine into the Chinese market.

Information Tracing System is a specialised agency formed between Linkar Group and Guangdong Guangxin Holdings Group Ltd. It’s mission is to establish open cooperative and enduring partnership in the business in which they operate.

Linkar is committed to building trust and goodwill with the communities effected. Linkar also continues to work with some of Western Australia’s most influential companies ad institutions, providing a premium service to clients of a vast variety.

The teams in Linkar include members from the 1960s to the 1990s, combining years of experience and in-depth knowledge in cultural marketing to provide the best experience to customers. Linkar aims to bring a fresh and innovative approach to linking the providers and consumers. Linkar’s goal is to work to exceed the expectations of customers with tailor-made solutions, up-to-date industrial information, effective communication and market feedback.

“Linkar is the link between you and products. Linkar is the link between you and the World. Linkar is the link between you and me!”