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McHenry Hohnen New Release Event

A great turn-out at Steve’s for the McHenry Hohnen VIP Wine-Tasting of New Releases!

We extend a very big thank you to Murray McHenry who did a fantastic job hosting, Steve’s for the beautiful venue and delicious finger food, and all VIP customers for the continuous support of McHenry Hohnen wines ♥♥♥

More details of the event will be published on the Oriental Post.

Ni Hao WA

Linkar represented wineries of the Margaret River 🍷 in the participation of the 2018 Ni Hao WA event hosted by Tourism Western Australia.

With in depth discussions with representatives of 36 different tourism groups from China, Linkar spread our ♥ for WA wineries and their wines.


It was a great success 🥂

To show our support for the event and it’s beliefs, Linkar sponsored 6 bottles of Howard Park Miamup Chardonnay as prizes to be won. We conversed with many who participated in the hope that we are able to provide information they need and bring more people to experience WA and it’s gorgeous wineries. We definitely sought to leave our best impression – and it seemed that we did 😄

The beautiful wine for event dinner was kindly sponsored by McHenry Hohnen.

Wine for Beauty



(No, this isn’t another strange morning news type of scientific discovery report)

Now isn’t that brilliant news?

It’s because there are oxidising agents in red wine that helps with metabolism (no need to be as envious of the great metabolism in men now) which in turn helps with the darkening of skin as well as the loosening of skin and wrinkles. It also helps make your skin softer!


🎀So what time should I drink wine to reap these benefits?

Wine for beauty should be drank an hour or so before bed. Aside from the beauty benefits, drinking wine before bed also helps reduce stress and improve sleeping quality!

🎀Are there any other ways wine can help with beauty?

Through face masks or baths! You can try creating your own wine face masks – which helps in the riddance of dead skin, whitening of skin and moisturising. You can also mix in honey or egg whites while making these masks for some Easter egg surprises.

🎀Wine in Baths

Wine in baths rids pores of excess fats and oils, helps blood circulation, prevents skin allergies and also gives your cells that little boost to be more active. Just mix in a little bit of wine into your bath water, and you’re all set!

Western Australia Wine Tour Guide

First Publishment ——— Western Australia Wineries


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“Master Series” Monthly Wine Tasting

LINKAR has been collaborating with premium wineries of Western Australia assisting in monthly wine tasting since November 2014. During the wine tasting events each winery specialist selects six quality seasonal wines from their winery to compare with one French wine, complimented by cheeses, charcuterie and antipasti. This provides the way for customers to experience and discover the world of Western Australian wines. All wines will also be available for purchase at LINKAR!

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