Gourmet Escape ” event organized by Linkar group


Over 100 Chinese wine lovers and tour enthusiasts join the Gourmet Escape

in Margaret River on 16th November 2019. Our guests would visit different winery booth

so that they could collect the stamps to win our fancy gifts, which including wine from Madfish,

Flametree, Fermoy, and more. At last, we visited the magnificent view of Canal rocks.

People all satisfied with our arrangement, and looking forward to joining more tour with Linkar group.



We prepared eight different brands of wine as prizes to our guests

(which included Clairault & Streicker, Fermoy, Lenton Brae, Flametree,

Swings & Roundabouts, Howard park madfish, and more).

Winery fans are so happy to win the wine and gifts on the way to Margaret River.


In the gourmet event, we cooperate with Clairault & Streicker, Fermoy, Swings & Roundabouts,

Flamtree, and Lenton Brae, which booth located in the event.

Wine lovers would visit their booth and collect stamps to win the final super prize.


After the attended Gourmet event, we separated into two groups to visited Lenton Brae and Fermoy. Everyone enjoy leisure time in the winery and vast experience in the wine tasting.  What is more, some super wine lovers purchased bottles of wine before they left the winery.

The Gourmet event was a success. Thanks for all the winery who cooperate with us in the event and our sponsors. We are very grateful for everyone’s support. Looking forward we can organize more events in the future.

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