Linkar Group Christmas Party









Linkar Group was so excited to celebrate a Christmas party with our staff  on 14 December.

It was a pleasure to invite their family members to join us together.

Linkar is a humanism company which always care about their staff not only on work but also their life.

Linkar love to invite their family members to join our annual event so that

they could know more about their working area and job responsibilities.

In the event, to improve everyone’s cooperation and creativity,

they have to bring at least one receipt to share at the party. Everyone enjoys the food.

We also provided different presents for every staff and thanks for

their support and contribution in the past year. Hope in 2020; everyone can do better.




We prepared Howard park wine as gifts to our staff’s family members, thanks for their support.

Without family support, our staff could not pay attention to their daily work seriously.

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