Linkar is back at work but staying safe

Linkar is back at work but staying safe

Linkar has started to go back to working from the office this week, so all of our marketing services are back on track. We are still making sure to follow all the necessary precautions and regulations. Everyone is being very careful to maintain social distance and Linkar is providing hand sanitiser to everyone in the office to make sure that they can disinfect when necessary. We urge everyone else to do the same and continue to be safe and careful in these difficult times.


Chinese Market Update Webinar

Linkar group will be holding a webinar on the 20th of May from 10 to 12 am via Zoom, the online meeting platform. This will be focused on the Chinese mandatory importing requirements and how you can continue to have strong business growth in this Covid-19 crisis. Michelle Chen, a qualified Chinese customs officer, will be providing information about the mandatory customs and labeling requirements for doing import/export in China. She will also be giving valuable insight into the Chinese economy and the exciting trade opportunities that will be available as the markets reopen. It will be full of valuable information, so it is sure to be very insightful. If you are interested in this webinar, please email us:

Logistics Update For China

The good news concerning business in China. Nine warehouses are back up and running and China has no more area restrictions at the moment. This means logistics services can be resumed as normal and businesses can begin to operate properly again. Wineries would be advised to inform their customers about these updates.


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