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Linkar’s Journey to the West is an informative blog based on WeChat. The blog writes about the interesting journey of coming from China to Australia. It discusses everything from Perth city tourism hotspots, insights into the wine industry, wine and spirit tasting information and also stories from across WA.




Our Story


Lin has developed a passion for Western Australian wines over 10 years of experience developing wine marketing and logistics to China. His beginnings were in urban design in Melbourne but saw a gap in the market and this began his passion of wine which follows through to life and sharing with others to give his experience of Australia and more specifically Western Australia to all. This passion for the industry and to helping the Chinese community in WA helped develop and shape the Journey to the West blog.


Karena’s background in Commerce and more specifically economics drives her articulation and marketing skills in combination with a passion for Western Australian wineries and the promotion of the wineries to Chinese residing and visiting Western Australia. With a developed knowledge from visits to numerous wineries across WA, she carries a wealth of knowledge. Karena’s wine journey began in Melbourne and now she has completed level 2 in WSET and currently completing level 3, and now loves to share her wine and wine knowledge with everyone. This was the other driving force in developing the journey to the west blog and with her skills the blog took shape and began.

Linkar's Journey
to the West

Linkar’s Journey to The West Blog follows Lin and Karena’s journey as they focus on sharing their experiences and adventures of the wonderful world of wine and food across WA but from the perspective of the Asian culture. Lin and Karena come from an Chinese background and have experienced the Western culture (particularly the wine culture) for the past 10 years and want to develop a bridge between the eastern and western cultures and help develop a link of education between them. Together we believe this blog will be a grand showcase of different cultures and how people from a Chinese background adapt to the western culture. We aim to share to all Chinese residing or aiming to come to WA and assist them on their journey.

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