Live Talks And China Wine Exhibition Opportunities During Covid-19

Flametree Wines Live Show

Last week Linkar teamed up with Flametree wines for a live show to help introduce people to the Flamtree winery. Cliff and Liz introduced some of the most famous and prestigious wines in their cellar door and also talked a lot about the history of Flametree wines and how they got to where they are today. The audience found the live show very enjoyable and it generated a lot of interest in Flametree wines. Keep an eye out for more live shows like this one in the future.

Ray Jordan Live Show

This Monday we also had a live show with well-known WA wine critic Ray Jordan. Ray voiced his own opinions about Covid-19 and how it is affecting wine markets. He talked about the importance of the Chinese wine market and introduced different regions in WA. Additionally, Ray did a live wine tasting and shared his opinions and tips regarding the beautiful WA wines. The pop-up live show was a tremendous success. There were over 3700 viewers in total watching which were either wine business or the individual wine enthusiasts. Look forward to more shows with Ray in the future.

Upcoming Wine Shows In China – branding opportunity in Covid-19
Make sure to confirm your interest by August 5th.

International travel is not an option this year but your winery can still have a presence at these wine shows thanks to Linkar Group. Interwine 2020 is going to be from August 14th-16th and Linkar Group is ready to provide the best service possible.  please check the Interwine office website for your reference.

We will take care of everything from the logistics to the cost of the wine show to help you break into the Chinese wine market most effectively. We can set up an audiovisual link from the winery to the wine show in China and give you the chance to introduce your brand to new customers. We will have our China team to help serve samples for potential customers while the winery people talk live at the same time. We will also offer real-time translation so that you can talk to customers directly through the video feed and show them your wines as well as answer any questions they may have. For more information, contact Linkar to receive a proposal with more in-depth information about the wine show and the services provided.

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