Linkar treats all of our customer with respect and value our relationship as partners and friends.guarantee our customer that Linkar offers the best price and quality services in the industry, and we understand the demands and deadline pressures that our customer experience. With the wine industry constantly evolving, Linkar’s efficient logistics and quality-controlled storage solutions provide the flexibility that ensures our customer’s needs are met on time, every time with Linkar.

Linkar’s Logistic Service Provides:

  • Perfect dispatch and fast delivery all year round
  • Logistic and storage provided across China
  • 11 warehouse locations all over China
  • Temperature stable control facility
  • Quality trustworthy
  • 24-hour cctv monitoring
  • Insurance fully covered from Australia to China
  • Best price guarantee 
  • Pre-Paid fees including custom tax etc.
  • Tracking assurance

Our Logistic Service Flowchart

Customization for the Perfect Fit

Damage rate is less than 0.01% based on all 10 years of logistic services