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Event Promotion

Linkar boasts many decades of wine sales experience between Western Australia and China. Whilst we are highly committed to supplying leading logistics services to our valued customers in the Western Australian wine industry, we are also deeply committed to assisting businesses to collaborate with Linkar to participate in key trade shows and promotional events both in Perth and China to further reach your target audience and extend awareness of your brand.
Linkar professional services are available Perth, Western Australia and China.
  • Wine tasting
  • Exhibitions / key trade show (inc. annual Roadshow in China).
  • Wine and investment related conference
  • Wine education courses and master classes.

Translation Service

Linkar professional support services include both written and verbal translation services.
We provide expert translation in these areas:
  • Chinese back label.
  • Chinese website.
  • Wine tasting notes.
  • Promotional marketing material including social media and various traditional media channels, video subtitles, etc.
  • Australia – China customsexporting and clearance documentation.

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