LINKAR has been collaborating with premium wineries of Western Australia assisting in monthly wine tasting since November 2014. During the wine tasting events each winery specialist selects six quality seasonal wines from their winery to compare with one French wine, complimented by cheeses, charcuterie and antipasti. This provides the way for customers to experience and discover the world of Western Australian wines. All wines will also be available for purchase at LINKAR!

IMG_0159 8th November 2014 Garry Gosatti, Arlewood Estate   ashbrook wine tasting 13th December 2014 Kingsley Edwards, Ashbrook Estate   M&H TASTING 17th January 2015 McHenry Hohnen   CASTELLI TASTING 21st February 2015 James Majer, Castelli Estate     fermoy 14 March 2015 Fermoy Estate     cape grace 18th April 2014 Robert Karri-Davies, Cape Grace Wines   Xaberges tasting 17th May 2015 Paul Hogan, Xabergas   willow bridge 25th July 2015 Jeff Dewar, Willow Bridge