October events from Linkar Group

On 6 October, Linkar’s marketing project “Journey to the west”

cooperated with the local Chinese media for a group function,

gathering the super firearm fans to the member club.

“Journey to the west” keeps sharing about the interesting journey of coming from China to Australia.

It creates both online and offline activities,

including everything from Perth city tourism hotspots,

insights into the wine industry, wine and spirit tasting information and also stories from across WA.

What a wonderful wine tasting night. Andrew Moore was our host at that night

The participants at a wine tasting were more likely to enjoy various funny stories about

the Swings winemaking process
At wine tastings, everyone can learn from Andrew,

as well as make new friends who share their interest in wine

Swings night, designed to give an enthusiasts opportunity to taste six range of wines.

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