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Truffle Tourism and Successful Live Show

A few weeks ago Linkar group founders Lin and Karena went on a trip to Pemberton. Here they went on a truffle tour with customers to help them learn about black truffles and how they pair with wines. With state travel restrictions loosening soon, tourism will start to gain traction again. It will be important to focus on using tourism to attract new customers. Black truffles are just one example but wine tours and attracting people to your cellar door is important too. Looking at what is available in your area and what would appeal to customers will be integral to stay competitive. Linkar group is able to help you organise activities like this to spread brand awareness and attract new customers. Additionally, Linkar group hosted an online live show with a variety of guests that talked about pairing wines with truffles and having everybody give their opinions. There were over 100 participants in the live show, which was quite successful.


Live Show with Flametree Wines

Linkar group has an upcoming live show this Thursday on the 9th of July in collaboration with Flametree Wines. They will be discussing the Flametree brand the current wine industry in general. Live shows are a valuable opportunity to build engagement and create a stronger sense of customer intimacy. They can help inform customers of your brand and increase your business. They are also a great way to help your winery increase their direct sales to the end-user. Investing in live shows is a good idea for helping you engage with customers all around the world without any of the inconvenience of travelling. Linkar group is able to help you with your live show needs so that you can maximise the reach and audience you are engaging with. Linkar group uses 5 different platforms to make sure to cover the largest potential group of prospective customers.


Ray Jordan Live Show and Interwine 2020

We will have a live show with Ray Jordan on the 20th of July.  Ray is a professional wine writer and critic for WA wines. He is going to share his thoughts on the current wine market and give advice on how to take advantage of it most effectively. Part of this will be talking about the Interwine 2020 wine show. This year, because of Covid restriction, it will be done through the cloud but you can organise to have salespeople representing your brand at the show in person. It will be held between August 14th and 16th. This is one of the biggest wine shows in China and attracts many visitors and prospective buyers. This is an important opportunity to create new customers. Linkar can take care of all of your needs for the wine show from setting up the booth to having a salesperson there to packing it all up at the end. Linkar has already started planning the booths for several wineries, so sign up soon. For more information, you can contact Linkar to get a Wine Show proposal.

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