Successful China Wine Show when international travel being impossible.

Learning About The Evolving Wine Market

Linkar Group did a live show with the respected wine critic Ray Jordan. The pop-up live show was a tremendous success. There were over 3500 participants who were either wine business or individual wine enthusiasts. This was a big hit before the Interwine show in Guangzhou and was a great way to generate attention for the wine show which is the 1st professional B2B wine expo after the Covid19

Successful Wine Show in Guangzhou


The 24th Interwine Expo held in Guangzhou was the first physical wine expo in China since Covid in 2020. It managed to attract an audience of over 40,000 to visit the roadshow which included wine wholesalers; distributors and many famous social media influencers. This was a great way to open the wine market in China. It allowed participants to boost their brands and forge good relationships with potential customers. There was significant interest in high-quality boutique wines, and the Covid had actually made people more enthusiastic to buy and order it using high technology.



Linkar Group was the only company that did a remote live show on the site, aiming to brand exposure as well as bringing the wine purchasing groups and traffic to the wineries at a later time, after the international flight restrictions are eased. This piqued the interest of many attendants and brought people to the booth to witness the live broadcast and report on it. Linkar cooperated with six wineries for the live broadcasts, including Flametree Wines, Lenton Brae, Clairault Streicker Wines, Swings and Roundabouts, Whipper Snapper Distillery, and Leeuwin Estate.



We want to give a big thank you to all the wineries we worked with. Together we have managed to build up the brand images and started to link the customers directly to the brand, especially when the overseas travel and wine exhibition opportunities are impossible. Keep an eye out for the future events and make sure to contact Linkar Group if you are interested to know more.

Flametree Wine Show

Following the success of the wine show, Flametree wines will be hosting a wine tasting on 20th of August. This will be a perfect opportunity for them to boost their direct sales and increase their customer base as well as build up a stronger connection with the customers after the wine show.



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