The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival Is Coming Up!

Linkar Teambuilding 

Linkar Group did some weekend team building. Everyone got together to make some Zongzi. It was a great experience and it involved some very good teamwork between everyone. At Linkar we know how to work hard and play hard. We know that team building is a great way to build up everybody’s spirits and keep the team strong. Make sure to always work as a team!

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Linkar Group wants to wish everyone a happy Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. It is coming up on the 25th of June this year. This is a traditional holiday in China that commemorates the life and death of the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan. The festival is a public festival and people love to celebrate it in various ways such as eating Zongzi (rice dumplings), drinking Realgar Wine (xionghuangjiu), and racing dragon boats. This is an important promotional opportunity to take advantage of since many people will be wanting to buy gifts for the occasion. It is highly advised to create a strategy around this holiday. We wish the best for everyone celebrating and hope they have a terrific time!

Linkar Services For Dragon Boat Festival

Linkar is ready to help you take advantage of the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival. We are offering our services to help you customize your product and approach for the occasion. We can help you tailor your wine packaging so that it fits in well with the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. We can also help you with promotion and marketing so that you can have the most effective strategy during this time and get everyone excited. So make sure to let Linkar know if they can help you take advantage of the Chinese public holiday and do the most you can with your wine.

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